Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 1989, when it was established AWENTA, the main aim was to manufacture the best quality at an affordable price The implementation of such a condition required to meet a number of conditions. One of the highlights was meeting the expectations of customers. Constantly modernized machine park, introduced new technologies are the factors that influenced the development of our company.

It took just 25 years of existence the company AWENTA. Since its inception, much has changed: the world, the society, the individual and their needs. The amendments relate to the ways of functioning of enterprises and foster increased competition, which in turn requires continuous improvement of product quality while minimizing cost.

For the past quarter of a century insisted we had also stipulated in the after-sales service and the expansion of distribution channels so fit, to keep our customers satisfied.

AWENTA is now a recognizable brand not only in Poland. We have become a leading European manufacturer of ventilation systems, and our products have won recognition at home and abroad. We are present in several Member on three continents.

AWENTA, working with over a thousand customers in the country, ensures that all its products were readily available.

Our products are also present in many European markets, including: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.