Door hardware revision

Access doors metal fulfill the same function as the door DT – allow access to the inspection holes. There are versions of DM, DMN, DMW and DMNW. DM doors are made of steel and are coated with an epoxy coating (white or – in some products – antique), which protects against corrosion and gives an aesthetic appearance.

DMN doors are made of stainless steel resistant to atmospheric conditions. Her chromoniklowy color gives them a sophisticated look. The material and technology guarantee high product quality. On request, we can equip the manufacturer of DM and DMN door lock type “YALE” (index DMZ). The door

DMW and DMNW a door to the chimney flue ramrod. They come in two sizes, in white and antique (DMW) and stainless steel (DMNW). All doors wyciorowe are equipped with double wing locking.