HRV100 is designed for decentralized ventilation with heat recovery with the use of one room in residential buildings .
The product is intended for continuous operation. It is equipped with accumulation heat exchanger , whose task is to collect and commissioning ( recuperation) of thermal energy in the exhaust and supply air from the room in which it is installed .
The system operates in two modes : exhaust and supply air . Each mode can operate in 2 gears :

1 – free exhaust – free supply
2 – quick exhaust – fast supply
Duration of each mode is 60 seconds . A gear change is carried out with a two-position switch. Changing the position of the switch ( race fan ) followed by pulling a chain located at the front of the fan .

Product Description



HRV_RYS.TECHNICZNY_51 – fan supply and exhaust
2 – grille fan
3 – screw that secures the cover of the power supply
4 – compartment cover supply
5 – cover for screws holding the fan
6 – pull chain for switching between the I st and II nd running fan
7 – telescopic ventilation duct for easy adaptation to the                                                                                                  thickness of the wall of the room
8 – Accumulation aluminum heat exchanger
9 – air filter
10 – the outer end of the air duct
11 – cover for screws



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