Sales support

Displays are used for the presentation of products, thereby effectively attract the attention of the customer. Thus begins the sales process. AWENTA supports its customers by offering several types of displays. These are:

  • standing sided with dimensions 200×100 cm,
  • standing sided with dimensions 200×100 cm with the ability to display products on both sides wystawki,
  • hanging 90×90 cm,
  • channel used for presentation and storage of pipes KP and KO,
  • counter display for DT, DM, MKOM, KRAL,
  • presenting fans,
  • presenting the ventilation systems,
  • presenting a hybrid ventilation systemAWENTIS.

Sales display system AWENTIS

Displays on MKOM, KRAL

Counter display with fans

Counter display stand

Poster with ventilation systems

Poster with hanging

Poster with ventilation channels

Poster with doors, grilles and dampers